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BA: Ankara Üniversitesi, 1997
MS: Syracuse University 2001
PhD: Syracuse University 2007)

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Metindogan Wise completed her undergraduate degree at Ankara University in the department of Psychological Services in Education. She went to United States in 1999 to complete her masters and doctorate education at Syracuse University and returned to Turkey in 2007. Her master’s thesis was on “Parents’ perceptions of children’s understanding of rules in three domains: Physical, moral and conventional.” Her doctoral dissertation was on “The effects of parental beliefs, parental practices and child mastery motivation on children’s school readiness to learn in Turkey.” During her doctoral education she taught courses on Child Development, Infancy, Intimate Relationships and Gender Roles, and also worked as a teaching assistant for several courses, including Research Methods (graduate), Infancy (graduate), Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Child and Family Studies (undergraduate). She worked at the Child Development Laboratory School with young children and undergraduate students. During her doctoral education, she worked with Dr. Honig for three years preparing and delivering Infant-Toddler Caregiving Training Workshop and gave lectures on Infant toddler sexuality. Between the years 2004 and 2007, she worked at State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY-Oswego) in the Psychology Department as a visiting assistant professor, She taught several courses, including Child Psychology and Experimental Psychology. During her doctoral education she was awarded the “Research Excellence Doctorate Award” in her department and her dissertation research was awarded the “Graduate School All-University Doctoral Prize.” She has presented at many international conferences in the areas of child psychology, child and family relationships, and co-authored several manuscripts. She has been working in our department since February 2008.

Research Interests
Areas of Interest: Parenting styles and beliefs, child development, motivation in early childhood and infancy, social and cognitive competence, school readiness, sexual development and gender in early childhood, research methods, intergenerational relationships.




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