Career Summit in Education

For those who could not attend the panels organized in the event or want to watch them again:
PANEL 1"Being Boğaziçi Alumni in Educational Administration" (March 25, 2019 Monday 13.30) & Opening Speeches
PANEL 2: "Alternative Career Paths (Outliers)" (March 25, 2019 Monday 13.30)
PANEL 3: "Being a Teacher and Psychological Counsellor as Boğaziçi alumni" (March 26, 2019 Tuesday 13.00)
PANEL 4: "Academic Career in Education" (March 26, 2019 Tuesday 14.30)
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Career Summit in Education was organized for the first time by Boğaziçi University Faculty of Education and Career Center on March 25-26, 2019 in Albert Long Hall at Boğaziçi University South Campus. The summit presented by Burcu Ertürk Kılıç, Coordinator of Career Center, hosted Boğaziçi alumni who are administrators at leading schools in Turkey and also the ones who have chosen alternative career paths.
In the summit, the opening speeches were delivered by Prof. Emine Erktin, Dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. Zafer Yenal, Advisor to Rector, and Dr. Tamer Atabarut, Director of BULLC. On the first day of the summit, the first panel, “Being Boğaziçi Alumni in Educational Administration”, was moderated by Prof. Emine Erktin and Saliha Aslan, Principal of SEV Primary School, Fırat Mümtaz Asyalı, General Manager of SANKO Schools, Gülçin Çırık Doğramacı, Principal of Hisar High School, Ayşegül Erbil, General Manager of Eyüboğlu Schools, Haluk Koçak, General Manager of MEÇ Schools and Nevzat Kulaberoğlu, General Manager of Uğur Schools gave stimulating talks for the participants. The speakers underlined the importance of having experienced a multicultural atmosphere at Boğaziçi University. They stated that the undergraduate education they received at the Boğaziçi University expanded their visions and suggested the participants to make good use of their education at Boğaziçi University to be a successful teacher. The second panel, “Alternative Career Paths” included speeches by Jülide Ateş, İnanç Ayar, Cenk Erdem, Haluk Polat ve Fatih Türkmenoğlu.
On the second day of the summit, Prof. Zeynep Kızıltepe moderated the third panel titled “Being a Teacher and Psychological Counselor from Boğaziçi” in which Eda Aydemir, mathematics teacher and department head at Koç Middle School, Nezir Ayyıldız, mathematics teacher at Hasan Ali Yücel Middle School, Neslihan Er Amuce, Educational Technology Coordinator at Saint Joseph Foundation Little Prince Schools, İrem Eren, English teacher at Robert College, Yalın Kaya, psychological counsellor and the department head at Oğuzkaan College, Müge Tuvay, science teacher and vice-principal at Darüşşafaka Middle School, and Ebru Uğur, pre-school education teacher at Sezin School shared their experiences with the participants. In the panel, the contribution of emancipatory environment at Boğaziçi University to the professional development of teachers and the atmosphere created in their classrooms was emphasized. The panellists underlined that the development of teachers and psychological counsellors should be supported through participation in the wide range of courses and student clubs offered at Boğaziçi University. They also gave information on writing CV for job applications and required qualifications for teacher candidates. In the last panel, Prof. Ozana Ural from Marmara University, Prof. Gölge Seferoğlu from Middle Eat Technical University, Assist. Prof. Gürsu Aşık from Bahçeşehir University, Assoc. Prof. Hande Sart and Assist. Prof. Engin Ader from Boğaziçi University gave advices for the participants as alumni of Boğaziçi University who have chosen academic career in education. The panellists shared Boğaziçi difference they experienced in their careers and stressed the importance of persistency in working and the ability to cope with the difficulties.
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