Faculty Awards

Awards Given by Other Institutions
TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Encouragement Award
2017 - Doç. Dr. Ebru KAYA, The Department of Mathematics and Science Education
2008 - Prof. Dr. Ayşe GÜRELThe Department of Foreign Language Education
Science Academy Young Scientists Scholarship Award
2015 - Doç. Dr. Ebru KAYAThe Department of Mathematics and Science Education
TÜBA ( Turkish Academy of Sciences) Young Scientist Award 
2006 - Prof. Dr. Ayşe GÜRELThe Department of Foreign Language Education
Science Honour Award
The scientists who have made world-wide contribution to science in various fields of education are given “Science Honour Award” once a year.
Those granted the award:
* Prof. Dr. Sevda BEKMAN (2016)
* Prof. Dr. Cem ALPTEKİN (2014)
* Prof. Dr. Ali BAYKAL (2013)
* Prof. Dr. Necla ÖNER (2012) 
Excellence in Research Award

To support the valuable research and academics, a few faculty members having achieved excellence in research are given award in two separate categories as young and senior researcher. 

The Members of Faculty of Education granted the award:

* Doç. Dr. Emine ADADAN (2017)
* Prof. Dr. N. Gülcan ERÇETİN (2013) 
* Prof. Dr. Ayşe GÜREL (2004)
* Prof. Dr. Belma HAZNEDAR (2003)
Excellence in Teaching Award

The award is given to full-time faculty members to improve teaching processes and to encourage effective teachers.

Those granted the award:

* Assoc. Prof. Sevda YERDELEN-DAMAR (2019)
* Assist. Prof. Nur TİĞİTOĞLU-APTOULA(2018)
* Assist. Prof. Engin ADER (2017)
* Instructor Ivana VIAPPIANI (2016)
* Assist. Prof. Sibel AKMEHMET-ŞEKERLER (2015)
* Assist Prof. Ayşegül METİNDOĞAN (2014)
* Prof. Deniz ALBAYRAK-KAYMAK (2013)
* Assist Prof. Fatih Çağlayan MERCAN (2012)
* Dr. Anthony John PAVLIK (2011)
* Assist. Prof. Fatih Çağlayan MERCAN (2010)
* Prof. Sevda BEKMAN (2009)
* Instructor Ivana VIAPPIANI (2008)
* Assoc. Prof. Sumru AKCAN (2007)
* Assist. Prof. Finlay McQUADE (2006)
* Assist. Prof. Finlay McQUADE and Assist. Prof. Bruce JOHNSON-BEYKONT(2005)
* Assist. Prof. Hande SART (2004)
* Assist. Prof. Bruce JOHNSON-BEYKONT(2003)