November 24 Teachers' Day - 2018

November 24 Teachers’ Day program organized by Boğaziçi University Faculty of Education every year was organized by the Department of Foreign Language Education this year. Prof. Ziya Selçuk, the Minister of National Education and Prof. Mehmed Özkan, Rector of Boğaziçi University, Prof. Emine Erktin, Dean of Faculty of Education, and other faculty members were present at the ceremony held under the theme “Foreign Language Education in Turkey”.  
Prof. Ayşe Gürel delivered the opening speech in this special event and stated as a dedication to Prof. Ziya Selçuk’s words “Education is not problem but solution” that they did not perceive English education as a problem and could actually teach English successfully as a country. The Minister, Prof. Ziya Selçuk, emphasized that foreign language education was an important matter of Turkey and also indicated that our country had the necessary information to overcome this matter. Following the talks given by the participants, Prof. Ziya Selçuk, the Minister of National Education, presented Prof. Hikmet Sebüktekin award (the scholarship award given by BÜMED every year to a successful student in the memory of Prof. Hikmet Sebüktekin, the first Dean of Faculty of Education) to İlke Salar, student in the Chemistry Education program, this year. 
In the panel titled “Foreign Language Education: Suggestions for a Route Map” held after award ceremony, the members of the Department of Foreign Language Education, Prof. Belma Haznedar, Assoc. Prof. Sumru Akcan and Assist. Prof. Aylin Ünaldı took part as speakers. 
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