Assoc. Prof.
YD 315
0090 212 359 4614
BS: Middle East Technical University, 1999
MA: The Ohio State University, 2001
PhD: The Ohio State University, 2006


Research Interests: 

Survey Research; Classroom Assessment; Measurement in Education; Applied Statistics


Börkan, B. (2010). The mode effect in mixed-mode surveys: Mail and web surveys. Social Science Computer, 28(3) 371-380.

Erkman, F., Caner, A., Sart, Z. H.,Börkan, B., &  Şahan, K. (2010). Influence of Perceived Teacher Acceptance, Self-Concept, and School Attitude on the Academic Achievement of School-Age Children in Turkey. Cross-Cultural Research, 44(3) 295–309.

Börkan, B., Erkman, F., and Keskiner, P. (2014). Effects of Parental Interpersonal Power/Prestige and Acceptance on the Psychological Adjustment of Turkish Youths.Cross-Cultural Research, 48(3), 316-325.DOI: 10.1177/1069397114528467

Akbulut, M., Seggie, F. N., & Börkan, B., (2015). Faculty member perceptions of department head leadership effectiveness at a state university in Turkey, International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice, DOI: 10.1080/13603124.2014.997799 

Börkan, B, Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö., Caner, A., & Sart, Z. H (2015). The Catch-up Education Programme in Turkey: Opportunities and challenges. International Review of Education, 10.1007/s11159-015-9464-2

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Sakız, H. Sart, Z. H.,Börkan, B., Korkmaz, B. and Babür, N. (In press) Quality of Life of Children with Learning Disabilities: A Comparison of Self-reports and Proxy Reports. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice 

Sart, Z. H.,Börkan, B., Erkman, F., and Serbest, S. (In press). Resilience as a Mediator between Parental Acceptance and Depressive Symptoms among University Students. Journal of Counseling & Development. 


Recent Projects: 

2009-2012 :  6, 7 and  8. Grade Science Teacher Classroom Assessment Literacy  by the contribution of Bogazici University Scientific Research Project Coordination Committee

2011- 2013 : Kaynaştırma Sınıfları İçin Eğitim Uygulamaları. AB Comenius Projesi

ED 201 Statistics in Education
ED 208 Research Methodology
ED 282 Principles and Methods of Instruction
ED 309 Applied Research
ED 311 Data Processing
ED 373 Measurement and Evalaution
ED 501 Inferential Statistics in Education
ED 505 Research Design and Methodology