Third Faculty Seminars of Spring 2020 Term


The third seminar of the Spring Semester of 2019-2020 will be given by Assist. Prof. Inci Ayhan. The title of her talk is "Psychophysical Investigation of Time Perception", and the abstract is given below. The language of the presentation will be English, and it will be held on March 13th, Friday at 1:00 pm, at EF506.



Time perception is subject to illusions such that adaptation, suppression or interruption of transient signals in the temporal-frequency/motion-processing pathway may induce spatially-specific distortions in event time. Saccadic eye movements were also revealed to distort subjective time as well as space. Recently, we introduced a new effect using a short-term adaptor and demonstrated that this brief adaptation induces a significant subjective duration compression on a subsequently presented random dot pattern only for global motion patterns drifting at 50% motion coherence (50% of dots moving in a coherent direction) but not for those drifting at 0% coherence (all dots moving randomly), suggesting spatially-specific sensory components of time perception mediating duration effects in higher-level motion areas. In another study, we have also demonstrated that not only domain-specific actions (i.e. eye-movements) but also concurrently executed keypresses might trigger a compression in the subjective duration while performing a visual duration judgment task, providing further support for the involvement of transient mechanisms in the timing of visual and visuo-motor events. Here, I will give a broad summary of these results with a specific emphasis on the role of dorsal "where / how" pathway in the timing of visual events.


Monday, 9 March 2020