2019 Sonbahar Dönemi Altıncı Paylaşım Toplantısı

2019-2020 akademik yılı, Güz Dönemi'nin altıncı paylaşım toplantısının konuğu  "How to Make Science Accessible for Visual Impaired Students?" başlıklı konuşması ile Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sözbilir olacaktır. Çalışmanın özeti aşağıda verilmiştir. Sunum İngilizce olacak ve 13 Aralık Cuma günü, saat 13:00'te EF 506'da gerçekleşecektir.
Özet (İngilizce):
Science education is essential part of education at schools. The mission of science education is to prepare individuals who would develop a certain level of scientific understanding and basic scientific process skills via practical works in and out of school. It is acknowledged that good quality practical work promotes the engagement, interest and curiosity of students as well as developing a range of skills, science knowledge and conceptual understanding. Carrying out practical works and learning science concepts requires intensive use of our senses, particularly vision. However, some of the individuals, have difficulty in using their eyes due to visual impairments they have.  Although there are different definitions, visual impairment is used as an overall term that encompasses all people with decreased vision, regardless of the severity of their vision loss. In terms of educational purposes, the visual impairment is used to describe children whose visual condition in such that special provisions are necessary for their successful education. In this presentation, visual impairments will be defined in terms of different perspectives and visually impaired students' needs in carrying our practical works and learning science will be discussed. In addition, sample learning materials which was developed to meet those students' needs will be presented and discussed. Recommendations will be made how to make science education accessible to visually impaired students.
Pazartesi, 9 Aralık 2019