Bahar Dönemi Altıncı Paylaşım Toplantısı

2018-2019 akademik yılı, Bahar Dönemi'nin altıncı paylaşım toplantısında Araştırma Görevlisi Ferah Özer'in "Continuing Teacher Professional Development to Support the Teaching about Nature of Science (BIDOMEG)" başlıklı sunusu olacaktır. Çalışmanın İngilizce özeti aşağıda verilmiştir. Sunum İngilizce olacak ve 19 Nisan Cuma günü saat 13:00'te EF 506'da gerçekleşecektir.
This study is a project, titled "Continuing Teacher Professional Development to Support the Teaching about Nature of Science" (BIDOMEG), and coded as 111K527, conducted during 2012-2015 funded by TUBITAK, under the framework of 1001 projects. The main purpose of the project was to support middle school science teachers' classroom practices and their development in teaching and learning of NOS, by providing a yearlong continuing professional development (CPD) program. CPD consisted of the utilization of instructional approaches such as explicit-reflective approach. Toward the main purpose, the changes were aimed on the beliefs of teaching and learning of NOS and their classroom practices of the participant teachers'. The changes were investigated in the extent of both the participant teachers and their students'.
The project was consisted of two phases. The first phase was conducted with the participation of 23 volunteered science teachers, whom all worked in Bolu, to the project and their attendance to the NOS grounded CPD and NOS materials attached workshops during the academic year of 2013-2014. In this phase, 10 CPD workshops were held in total and the extent of the NOS and its components were emphasized explicitly. The second phase was carried out with distant attendance of 22 volunteered science teachers, whom all worked in different cities of Turkey. In this phase, the participant teachers were asked to be implemented the NOS activities, which were developed in the first phase, without any CPD program practiced or support provided. And the obtained feedbacks also helped the reconstruction of the activities. The project offers variety of information about the characteristic and designs about CPD programs. Within the scope of the talk, in addition to project's general introduction, the intellectual outputs in terms of publications are also going to be mentioned briefly.


Pazartesi, 15 Nisan 2019