Bahar Dönemi Üçüncü Paylaşım Toplantısı

2018-2019 akademik yılı, Bahar Dönemi'nin üçüncü paylaşım toplantısında Dr. Ebru Arısoy-Saraçlar'ın "Spoken Lecture Processing" başlıklı sunusu olacaktır. Çalışmanın İngilizce özeti aşağıda verilmiştir. Sunum İngilizce olacak ve 15 Mart Cuma günü saat 13:00'te EF 506'da gerçekleşecektir.


The widespread usage of online lecture videos introduces the need for effective dissemination and utilization of video lectures, which can be accomplished through speech and language processing technologies. In the context of spoken lecture processing, speech recognition has been mainly used to automatically transcribe academic lecture recordings to enhance the learning experience of students as well as to increase accessibility for the hearing impaired students. Speech retrieval, the task of retrieving audio/video clips related to a query, has also been used to facilitate learning through academic lecture recordings. In addition, question answering, the task of automatically finding the relevant answers to textual or spoken questions from a text or spoken document, can be beneficial.

Çarşamba, 13 Mart 2019